Message to the Moon

Each night I notice you, staring sadly at Mother Earth
Do you feel the same, that humans are living no worth?

We all have become workaholic, running on our life track
But we are unaware of the time, which is a hard nut to crack.

We don’t know what we are doing, has our brain bulb fused?
I think in studying and learning, our whole mind is used.

I’m not in opposition of education and learning
But if not applied practically, it’s like a plastic burning.

From trees to water, we didn’t leave any resource
We’re simply running without watching like a blind horse.

When we read that tigers are on the next number of leaving the world,
We usually skip that page and our lips are curled.

But it’s a fact that we were the only one to gin
When we use to show off our cosmetics made of animal skin.

We proudly travel in our cars ad release harmful gases behind
And through this we create the enemy of mankind.

Mobile-phones to tablets, all are now one of our basic needs
But what do we do with them, when they’re undesired like weeds.

Throwing E-waste is also a big issue to think about
Where to throw gadgets, there is still a doubt.

Dear Moon, I don’t think that the days are for when we are going to meet
And I must advise you to be in a habit of managing a number of feet.

I think we all will have no option other then to become a successful astronaut
As till that that time, we’ll lose our Mother Earth which as gift we got.

But for me there are some rays of hope that it isn’t too late
Let’s catch the needle of the clock and change the pages of our fate.


17 thoughts on “Message to the Moon

  1. Hi Apeksha,
    Am delighted to read your poem on your own blog.I am sure you have a long way to go so keep reading other poets & writing your own poems regularly.
    Remember me to Utkarsh & both your parents. I have vivid memories of our trip together.
    Love & blessings!
    Manchanda uncle

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  2. Congratulations dear Apeksha.I am truly overwhelmed!
    This is a glorious beginning of an enchanting journey. May your poems reach the masses and inspire others too.!

    God bless you

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  3. Hi Apeksha,

    Congratulations! Some serious stuff and a lot to ponder about. I enjoyed it and had to read it a second time to allow the message to sink in. You may not be knowing me, we are related in a way. Ask your Mom. Keep it up, I would keenly follow your all future posts.


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  4. Very well written Apeksha. I was among the lucky few (being your class teacher) to get this fresh from the farm. Eagerly waiting for more poems from you.
    God Bless the young poetess.

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  5. hey sweetie

    God bless you. I am sure this baby step taken by you will take you pretty far. Every time I read you I find a different version of your writing. your poems have triggered a thought process that will go on and on. May God bless you now and always.

    Loads and tone of love


  6. Dear Apeksha
    God bless you. Reading your poems in the class n on your blog shows how much talent you have.Its the begining of your journey. My prayerful wishes for you today n always.
    Best wishes n lots of love
    Ritika kumar


  7. apeksha u r d best junior poetess i have evr met …… ;)….it gets a good feeling when u get to know dat someone u r vry close …inpires u about something dat u had never thougth about


  8. Well said ape,first of all, tell me the meaning of your name? 🙂 I like your name,I’m an Indian 🙂 too
    Your poem inspired me,thanks to that, keep writing 🙂

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