Those Bubbly Bubbles

Blowing bubbles
hanging in place,
before the gravity catches them
until the wind snatches them.
one after another
sinking into the blades of grass,

Glowing faces
completely spellbound,
their gleaming eyes chasing the actions
their gentle words praising attractions.
Keeping their eyes peeled
finding the colors of adolescence,

Flowing me
with a boggling mind,
in pond of riddles to find solutions
in fond of twiddles to bind conclusions.
Peeping through different sides
awakening my own vision of observing,

The tenderness felt by their frail fingers
is the strength to fight my worries,
The transparency observed by those eyes
is the shield to conceal my flaws.
The trivialization understood by those brains
is sufficient to make my aspirations bigger,
Their loyal lips may define it a BUBBLE

But it’s that brew of cerebration & celebration called



9 thoughts on “Those Bubbly Bubbles

  1. Hi Apeksha,
    You write really nice….
    You are an awesome poet 😛 😀
    I liked the last stanza a lot…
    🙂 😀


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