The serene marine life

In the bliss of blues,
exists an undiscovered Zion
motioning by the waves of sangfroid
carrying away the curious curios,
concealing it and revealing bit.
A luminous city of shells
crumbling in the world of unknowns,
golden sparkles of light
glint through tiny cracks,
dancing on the wavering sea bed.
And here’s the arrival
of the shiny wet bodies,
swimming swiftly through the light
nearly invisible to the puny human eyes
a flash of bright color and beauty.
Together they dart, swimming around,
measuring the sea bed in full pleasure;
teasing us with their secret mind messages
and messing the puzzled minds
A poke from right, a flipper to left.
And gently the creatures dull up,
and try to handover the hangover
of childlike hide ‘n’ seek,
their serene marine life
And all of a sudden, they’re gone, the color, the fun.

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