(This poem is reverse sense. A reverse sense poem can be read starting upwards from last line)

Still alive, at the dead of night,
faint blues in silver sight.
Gracefully breaking the dismal silence,
wetting sand with frosty essence.
As glittering under the full moon,
if deep lustre of pearls at noon.
The nocturnal ribbon of moonlight,
Still alive at the dead of night.

Never dies, in the thunderclaps,
the unique and cryptic parlance.
Remains the lyrical stir in the air,
if the dawn chorus returns there.
A new emergence in dropping penny,
changing things every nook and cranny.
The ceaseless zest crossing the maps,
Never dies in the thunderclaps.

Move skywards, and not upwards,
if the longings crush the older world.
Kill the mills of might-have-beens,
mould the shape of all the unseens.
Harmonious words, but some never rhyme,
hoping against hope, working against time.
Confessing ones, not possessing birds,
Move skywards, and not upwards.


23 thoughts on “Immortal

  1. Apeksha gr8!! 🙂
    This so all makes sense even when read from downwards!!!
    Its awesome…I can’t explain in words how much I love this poem! 😀 xD

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  2. Reverse sense? Well, I read it both ways out of curiosity. There are a couple of lines I liked immensely: ‘Harmonious words, but some never rhyme’ for instance. How true it is! Also liked the resolve reflected in ‘Kill the mills of might-have-beens,/mould the shape of all the unseens’. The opening line took me to Robert Frost’s oft-quoted lines in ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’: ‘The woods are lovely, dark and deep,/But I have promises to keep,/And miles to go before I sleep,/And miles to go before I sleep.’ How restless the poetic consciousnesses is! Nice poem!
    On the flip side, I was a bit confused by ‘Move skywards, and not upwards’. Aren’t both the same?
    Keep writing, Apeksha, and widen your experiences & themes.
    Best wishes!

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  3. ‘Faint blues in silver sight,
    Still alive at the death of night’, beautiful lines with a message: Hope amidst darkness.
    The whole concept of reverse poetry is wonderful and I find your poem very intriguing.
    Your work is very creative Apeksha. 🙂

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