The Heart Of A Vagabond

Ere the peep of the day,
When birds witness the daily suspense
With a fiery endeavor to trace
The swinging moods of weather.
And to drink the tears from the misty foliage
The sun struggles with indolence,
Adding silken gold to the white sheet
Like a wheel caught in slush
Being pushed.
When even the forces of nature
Are clothed in passion,
At that lyrical hour of dawn,
Let me play with them
Let me wake up!

At the burning stage of day
When the sunbeams crystallize,
Every now and then
They flood the eyes.
And a handful disputes take place
To the sun, creatures complain
The yellow sapphire peeps through the mackerel sky
Like you’re blessing the earth,
Like a long-awaited truth
Is enlightening the world.
At that divinely hour of noon
When you land here
Let me try my luck,
Let me wake up!

At the time of scarlet sunset
When the world resembles a ball of beauty,
When the sun has unraveled anger
Albeit calm, yet zealous it looks.
And the sky becomes a kaleidoscope
Where all colors and shades mix up,
Like opponents shaking hands,
Giving up ego, after the end of battle
Like sorrows have lost existence.
At that eve of euphoria
When romance is alfresco
Let me breathe in,
Let me wake up!

After the valediction of all events
When the sky is wrapped in darkness,
When moon smiles
With hundreds of faceless gestures.
Swirling o’er the lush grassy carpets,
Comes the chilling zephyr
Like many silent notes it chants,
Like every door of mystique is unlocked.
At the calmest hour of the day
When ecstasy is every which way
Let me count the stars.
Let me wake up!

Behind the bars of time
You imprisoned this egg in four walls,
Now the bird has come out
With wings to measure the world.
God! I beseech you
Let me see how is it to wander,
Let me see the world.
And on every aimless way,
On every unknown path
I shall leave my footprint,
And faint aroma of my presence.
Somewhere I shall drop the mind
And escape with my heart,


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