Guest interview: The youngest guest on Success Inspirer’s World. Is she faster than her age? Listen to her.

I’m glad that he took my interview! Have a look at it!


When I met Apeksha Rai for the first time, she had an impact on me. She sounded mature; fully aware of where she was going and determined to get there. I was surprised when I learned she was only thirteen. I asked to have her as my guest to know more about her, her dreams and vision for the world. She did not hesitate. I am happy to publish this interview. Those who are worried about the future of the world and think the young PhotoGrid_1463825469655people of today may not effectively lead tomorrow’s world are invited to read this. They may change their minds when they do.

Who is Apeksha? Give us a bit of your biography.

The world I live in is made of philosophy; the air I breathe is nothing but music; the things I see are all poetical;  all I like is called literature; what I hold…

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21 thoughts on “Guest interview: The youngest guest on Success Inspirer’s World. Is she faster than her age? Listen to her.

  1. Awesome. That was a wonderful interview and you have replied each question eloquently and with such maturity. You have a positive outlook towards life and wish you success and the strength to achieve your dreams. Blessed be. 🙂

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  2. Wow! A small girl of Himalayan thoughts and goals. Your answers have taken me to another world. You seem to be an inspirational character. Lucky and blessed to get connected with you . perfectly answered! Though I’m elder than you, many things are to learn from you. You will come out with flying colors. ☺👍

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  3. This interview was simply amazing. The way you’ve answered all those questions is awesome and the fact that you were interviewed!!! 😂
    Anyways, this interview was really great 👏👏✌
    You go girl!! 💖

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  4. It’s heartwarming to read such wise thoughts from the younger generation of Indians. Age should never be a barrier and I hope you always keep that in mind! You’ve got ambition, your intentions are clean, and in today’s world, that definitely carries a lot of potential. Stay blessed. 🙂

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  5. You are a very talented girl Apeksha. Your words are so matured that it doesn’t seem like the words of a 13 years girl. Keep writing.

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