I can never compare my love for philosophy and poetry, they’re like my mother and father! So just thought of dedicating a poem to one of my favorite philosophers, Socrates, the one who aimed to change the world, and very usually the world stood against him. People revolted to such an extent that finally, he drank hemlock and died. This is what pinches me every second. To know more about Socrates, click here

Happy reading!

O Socrates! Today I write,

Tell the sun not to wane today,

If you can’t,

And the night falls;

Then with the fading of the light,

At one fell swoop,

Let the blackness of my sins fade;

Free me,

From the eternal maze.


Your every word is a debt upon me,

A debt of which I think

Shall accompany my last breath;

And every deed of Athenians,

Stays a guilt,

Of all I see, of all I feel,

I know some where’s your blood.

And the air; I can’t breathe in,

Moist with your tears.


O the wisest man on earth,

Or shall I say,

The ‘gadfly’ that failed centuries ago,

And crumbled within the foot

Of that horse,

That horse it had to sting for it,

And I know,

That thousands like me ruled upon,

And saw there,

The illusions of victory.


Yet sometimes I think,

That how your wise soul

Was caught in the lies,

And you trusted us to trust;

We walked in the dark,

I know there’s light at the end of the tunnel,

But only when,

The traveler wants the end,

And we’re the lovers of darkness.


O the history makers of the world!

The son of god, the savior;

The gift of god, Socrates,

I repent, I regret,

And I think,

The world waits to witness resurrections,

And I know that a soul steps again,

Socrates and Christ, they both were one,

And we killed them,

To continue the trail of resurrections.




17 thoughts on “Repentance

  1. a pulchritudinous take in Repentance,
    Every line had Imagery amplified! Totally loved it, nice one Apeeksha and glad to finally read from you dear friend! – Cezane

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  2. The words sound nice, Apeksha. You write very well for your age! Wish & pray your thoughts & experiences continue to be equally profound. Love & blessings! JMM

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dear Apeksha

    i am spellbound to read your blog. visited your blog after a long time and realized that how much i have missed. try to be a regular visitor.
    loads and tons of love
    god bless…

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