Thief! (Limerick #2)

After reading my previous post Repentance and my Gravatar introduction, one of my amazing school friends (I shall not name that guy or some readers will demand him on the dinner table!) questioned the originality of the Greek philosophy, especially that of the classical era. The debate on whether Ancient Greece borrowed its philosophies from India has lasted for years with the same conclusion in different moulds. Everywhere we get to know that Greeks got these ideas from ‘indirect links’. My friend, however, included not only philosophers, but many other well-known figures from the history. He was confident. I’ve heard this a thousand times when people call them ‘thieves’ because they feel that they’ve stolen the ideas.

I realize my friend and others are right. We steal ideas. Not only ideas, nothing except our arrogance actually belongs to us, and this is what my second limerick says:-


Feet on the road, and skies in the eyes,

I walk with pride and the world espies,

I’m a human, they call a thief,

But uphold an optimistic belief,

I earn, I own arrogance, larger than the skies.


21 thoughts on “Thief! (Limerick #2)

  1. Philosophy, when defined as ‘mine’ and ‘theirs’ dilutes the eternal nature it carries. Philosophy is a way of life and also a deeper comprehension of the usually unknown dimensions of life. Call it ‘metaphysical’ or whatever jargon the philosophy world has coined. But the truth is, in reality, Philosophy is ‘clarity’ of life. Since life is a combination of the elements of nature, the basic tenets remain the same. If anyone has to study philosophy, one has to allow the mind to transcend beyond comparisons let the mind wander in full faith of the ‘unknown’. True nature of life is even beyond philosophy, which is every philosopher’s dream to define. But the limitless possibilities and the ever-changing nature of pulls the consciousness to different dimensions and one who has to surrender to that can experience the true essence of philosophy. Definitions demarcate and limit that endeavor to study. Keeping an open mind is the key. Not all of philosophy can be substantiated with evidence, it has to be experienced. (Sorry for this long comment.) Hope , I could make some sense.

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    1. Very rightly said, I completely agree with your every word. You explained the true meaning of philosophy, and I must share this with my friend too. Please don’t say sorry for the length of the comment because you managed to deliver your message in the best possible way. Many thanks for reading my post, and sharing what all came to your heart. You shared what I actually believe. The main motive of sharing this background was to introduce how this poetry happened.

      I’m happy that you commented here 🙂

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  2. Well-written, Apeksha! All of us are thieves for we steal something or the other- from fresh air, sunlight, moonlight, rain water, flora & fauna but mother nature never complains:-)

    On Sun, Jul 17, 2016 at 7:46 PM, The owl of minerva wrote:

    > Apeksha Rai posted: “After reading my previous post Repentance and my > Gravatar introduction, one of my amazing school friends (I shall not name > that guy or some readers will demand him on the dinner table!) questioned > the originality of the Greek philosophy, especially that o” >

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  3. Yups Apeksha, we indians always (most of the times) try to copy things done by others. 😧

    BTW introduction was awsm👌
    Especially the mentioning of Mr. _______ ( I shall not name him, let it be a secret. So let him be Mr. X). I think that he must read this post once! Would be awsm to see his response😂😂😂

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  4. Every single word that I utter, has been indoctrinated by someone who has already used it. I am achingly grateful to that guru who has taught me to use the word, but it’s crummy for me to establish (in factuality) that I was the genesis of that word. The people ambulating or those who have ambulated this planet, are stuck in an Augean battle to secern between inspiration and larceny. I might get ‘inspired’ from ideas, art and perspectives; but it’s substandard for me to copy-paste your blog and credit it all to my name. That, young genius, is what draws the line between the two deeds.


    1. Hi Mr. Samridhh Sharma aka Mr. X (Don’t worry, disclosing your name won’t harm you, I bet)
      Firstly, Thank you so much for commenting here, and man, without a doubt, you’ve convinced me. I got what you said, I mean the difference between the two deeds. I referred to many sites and blogs, trust me, and everywhere I went, the only conclusion I could draw is mentioned above, THE INDIRECT INFLUENCES. Don’t forget that I’m talking about the philosophers here…Anyway, Indian philosophy ‘would have’ influenced Ancient Greece, because I know that my senior is more sensible than me! Those deeds mentioned above are true, but the one which actually relates the debate is that maybe the thief himself doesn’t know whose property he stole!! Correct me friend, if you find my words illogical.


  5. Once again a poem so awesome and so beautifully written. And let me tell you that these limericks are seriously so good! I’m in love! Your way with words leaves me in shock (in a good way ofc) 😉 ❤
    I'm sorry I hadn't commented before. ;P

    And by the way, you can definitely call him 'Mr. X' like he did. 😉

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  6. Howdy, i read your blog from time to time and i own a similar one and i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam responses? If so how do you protect against it, any plugin or anything you can suggest? I get so much lately it’s driving me mad so any support is very much appreciated.


    1. Well, yes, that’s a big problem actually. What’s funny is that this comment of yours also went to the spam!
      Nah, I’m not using any plugin. it’s just that I keep an eye on the spam queue. Hope you find a solution soon.(Tell me when you do!) Sorry I really couldn’t help 😦 Though I’ve got your email id, so I’ll contact you if I really get an idea. 🙂


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