The fire within… (Epigram #3)

“A poem will catch you anywhere and ‘anytime’. ANYTIME.” Anywhere was okay, but personally, I didn’t believe that it happens anytime until this one came to me by the end of the physics class. Now obviously there isn’t any relation with physics (Science isn’t that dear to me!), it’s just that thoughts are so candid that they don’t think before knocking!

This one is the third epigram on the owl of minerva after A poet (Epigram #2) which got an amazing response from the readers and Black and white (Epigram).

Anyway, the fire within is just the refection of the way we lie to us, and see ourselves in a greater image, or say an illusion. Doing so, we are getting away from our inner self.


In the throes of embracing self, I forgot!

When a stone meets stone, a fire is caught,

And the flickers that come, they say in pain,

A stranger to me, these days I remain.

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