The world shall end this way

Firstly, a very happy independence day to all my Indian readers! (Wait, I added ‘Indian’ because some non-Indians must be unaware of it, I wasn’t neglecting these guys!) No matter what kind of passion keeps us alive, the thing is that it’s keeping us alive. That’s it. And like without air we can’t live, without any passion too, we can’t  really survive.

So patriots, this is the reason you live and die for.


Ashes will blow where I stand today,

And no moon shall wane where I look at.

Like a cold, burn-out piece of coal

All wrapped in darkness,

This earth will revolve;

With all traces of solitude,

Somewhere lost in its gyre.


Neither with the dwindling of sun,

Nor with the drowning of lands,

But with fading madness,

And some broken vows to self

No reason to live,

And no passion to live for,

No sceptics, no madmen, no dreamers,

The world shall end this way.


10 thoughts on “The world shall end this way

  1. A great wish for the world’s future. Let’s hope that turns out to be the reality since we seriously need some positivity.
    Great poem; thanks a lot for the follow on my blog.
    Let’s make this year and the coming years the greatest India ever has had.
    Happy blogging, God bless. 🇮🇳🇮🇳

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