I’ve walked aside a wall

This poem is different. What makes it different is the fact that this is the first poem I’ve written on my study table, that too, because I’ve learnt a lesson after my eye test! 

This one’s basically for all the people I’ve met till yet… 


I’ve walked aside a wall till yet,

Hanging on which,

Thousands of paintings live.

And I’ve seen those times,

When over it I leaned,

When these feet of mine

Had forgotten the ways.

It gave me shores,

When in the seas of my kryptonite,

I was drowning;

And taught me to feel my existence,

When I thought I was lost,

Somewhere within me.


Not to trust my hands,

It tells my soul,

For my head has disowned them,

And the heart has adopted.

With it, they’ve learnt to flow freely

And caressing and kissing the walls they move.

Now all paintings that hang,

Have had my fingerprints,

Some swallowed these imperfections,

And some named it the art,

The piece de resistance,

Of a painting.


I’ve walked aside a wall till yet,

Hanging on which,

Thousands of paintings live.

And I’ve left a trail

That shall be continued.

These paintings ask me to own them,

And take them with me,

I look above at the grey skies,

Which gestures me to move,

For possession is pain,

I thought.





31 thoughts on “I’ve walked aside a wall

    1. Ah! Chakkar aa gaye? 😀
      Basically, all you need to do is replace the wall with the world, paintings with the people who live in it, and yourself with me. And then read it again with this perception! You’re moving ahead in your life, and at the same time you’re greeting the people you meet. you’re leaving your essence or those ‘fingerprints’ as mentioned in the poem. Those who love that essence call it the art, and some people swallow it.

      This is what I’ve tried to express here, hope its clear now!

      Many thanks for reading! (And don’t feel sorry, it’s my pleasure to answer this :))

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      1. Oh dear, the blog was deleted, so were the contact places, i wasn’t in connection with them anymore, hence this new upgraded blog. I would be delighted to receive a text from you on the facebook page “Cezane Connects” or even just our online live chat, I fixed one in, You just need to pop up the window. Please do visit dear! Missed you lots 🙂

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  1. I wish I had this at my school farewell. Absolutely agree with Sunita ma’am – ‘Possession is Pain’ is sweet dish at the end. Its a beautifully complicated for – Possession is painful and so is ‘Let go’. May be I’ll find the “Middle Path” someday…Thanks Apeksha for taking my mind on this wonderful journey. 🙂

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  2. well, when I compare my first poem with yours I am suddenly hit by a series of inferiority complex, as it’s level is so much below yours, good to get acquainted with such a person after a long time, Wish you all the best in this path!

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