This is all a city is about (Limerick #3)

Hear the clamours, born in the crowd,

and the city lights which never die out,

swallow your whispers,

and kill your flickers,

For this is all a city is about.

16 thoughts on “This is all a city is about (Limerick #3)

  1. Oh my god 😱😱… so many new posts! Sorry, could not visit your blog since quite a long time! Please excuse me… 😛😛(well, I know that you’ll do!)

    This one’s an awesome limerick dude 👌 loved it… This is truely the reality about the city. Loved the style of writing…

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  2. Anonymity and orphanhood experienced in the city that beckons you with never fading lights and faceless clamor , no one truly listens to anyone in the ever new crowds……truly poignant.
    A taut poem….lovely !

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