Exams are going on, but I can’t really stop myself! In fact, I’ve written a few more after THE LIGHT OF YOUR SOUL, BUT COULD MANAGE TO POST THIS MUCH ONLY! 🙂 This poem is actually deeply felt, encircling around the typical restlessness a man can feel without expressing.


Their abundance has brought me here,

and a couple billion more roads

will it take me to,

for emptied of myself

I’ve started getting

and with more than me,

I’m growing deeper with them.


“There, they dwell

in the silences of heart

and where there’s pain”, I thought.

But from the time I’m seeing my reflection

on a sheet of paper, clearer than a mirror

I see that the whole of me,

is from days,

reigned by them.


Words weigh too,

I hadn’t realized

before I learnt to spurt them out,

end the solitude of a page,

and with it, the restlessness of the soul;

And again I feel light,

and flow like the air.




17 thoughts on “Words

  1. This is so wonderful, so beautiful and so so amazing! I can’t even begin to describe the feelings that I got when I started to read it! Great job done 👏🏻❤


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