You’re alive!

If the brows of yours

are inhabited of rising,

And below them, the eyes

seldom forget to widen.

If you feel something

right there in the left,

The world, for your heart,

is planning a theft.

If you’re still a tourist

in this same old place

And you’ve learnt to walk

over tattered remains,

the remains of habits

of seeing your life,

Only then you know,

You are alive.


5 thoughts on “You’re alive!

  1. Wow, once again, a poem so marvellous! I don’t understand how you write such incredible poems, but then again that is what talent is all about. Haha lol 😁❤

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  2. I love your message here – it resonates with me very strongly, Apeksha. I know very little about poetry so don’t feel at all qualified to comment. But having said that, I think I would exchange ‘inhabited of’ by ‘engaged in’ and perhaps change ‘there in the’ to ‘there on the’. But these are trivial points – your work is excellent and you deserve a big round of applause for tackling a deep and profound subject with such verve and panache – well done! 🙂
    Kindness – Robert.


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