Larks of novelty

This is a kind of satirical work of mine. Deeply felt, I know how it feels when you actually try to be different. This is what this piece says.


Cluster up and witness the larks of novelty,

The lands of impostors, a ‘man’ has trespassed.

Now he shall be chastened, for he’s guilty,

And after all till yet, he hasn’t been surpassed.


But be placid, ponder, and show him your grace,

For he might be callous, but you know you aren’t.

With a mask like yours, veil his face,

And tell him without it, what all he can’t


The world knows he’s stubborn, but so are you,

Show the world that you can drag him down.

And by any chance, if you fail to do,

Then say that peaks of lunacy, you’ve found.


Behold! He knows himself, says this man!

On the rocks of conceit, as if you don’t.

He’ll do something phenomenal with his élan,

He says, but you know, that ever he won’t.


Quite well you know why he needs no hand,

For all by self, is built a fool’s paradise,

Like he came, quietly he’ll leave your land,

And you wait for the day when he turns wise.


Above all, you never forget these words,

For they’ll optimize you when things go worse.

No matter how high soar these birds,

By the end they belong to the same universe.


Neither the bottomless seas, nor the endless skies,

A few more impostors like you will judge.

And he’ll be the weirdest, the one who tries,

Before you, even the sun is destined to plunge.


Cluster up and witness the larks of novelty,

The lands of impostors, a ‘man’ has trespassed.



12 thoughts on “Larks of novelty

  1. My gosh, Apeksha – that’s phenomenal (took me some time to get that word out!) – I love it! It’s complex in structure, and yet I understood (I hope) every word and phrase – you’re a genus for your ability to make yourself understood by virtue of clear, simple language.
    I didn’t like the word ‘optimize’ – it rather jarred and went against the grain (for me), but aside from that – well done! A worthy addition to the (Western) canon. 🙂
    Kindness – Robert.

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    1. Thanks a lot☺
      This is the typical comment, I think, every blogger dreams of… I’m glad that you felt free in sharing your views here. It was a need for me to use the word ‘optimize’ coz I think it was making this poem more satirical. You must be right, because you know, I’m not so good at these satirical works. But Apeksha doesn’t like to adopt weaknesses, so she had to try!!!! Again, thanks for reading and commenting😊

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  2. This is so true! How everyone judges each other all the damn time!
    When someone tries to be different, its as if he automatically becomes weird and ‘not so cool’ person. People’s objective is to bring him down and insult him. A person does not fit in and therefore, he is the ‘outcast’. Weird, right? I think its majorly because, people can’t stand to see someone do something different, something better than them and so they try to hide their insecurities by bringing him down? I don’t know, its a guess, maybe a wild one, but I believe its definitely something related to that.
    Anyways, this poem was beautifully written and moved me in some way (you can tell that by this long rant lol :P). But yeah, you have an amazing way with words! ❤
    And I'm looking forward to those other poems that are yet to be posted 🙂


    1. I’d have apologized for responding after such a long time, only if you weren’t Mansi Banswal. But unfortunately, you are. XD
      Anyways, you gave my poem the perfect summary, I’m grateful to you for that!! 🙂 ❤


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