The real day

Dusk and dawn, when these two phases of a day look alike, that is the real success. Man should learn to have the same smile before and after doing something grand…


Whose dawn of promises,

And dusk of satisfaction,

All together,

Delude and stagger.

At whose skies spectators gaze,

And in a glimpse,

They are lost in the maze

Of the astounding resemblance

Of these realms disguised,

Before and after enlightening the world,

And the shades of night fall,

The one which looks the same,

That day,

Is the real day.


22 thoughts on “The real day

  1. Another one! You surely weren’t joking when you said that you have written so many poems during these days. Well, the amount of your posts has increased during the exam time and I hope it remains this way only. Haha 😉
    But yeah, these amazingly crafted poems always manage to steal my heart! ❤
    And its so good to read them! I mean, its great to see the things you do with words. Basically, what I want to say is that, it is wonderful to see you grow and develop like this❣️
    By the way, congratulations on 500 followers! Yay!! 🎉🎊

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