An end to the radiance

Deftly appealing, they look,

These ivory hands,

Until a white flower is kept upon,

Increasing their significance,

And concurrently bringing,

And end to the radiance.

12 thoughts on “An end to the radiance

    1. Equally radiant? Don’t you look better in a black top as compared to a perfect white one? 😀 I know, a weird example maybe, but through this poem, I actually wanna express that beauty is always relative. And why beauty, any skill, any talent is relative. That’s one side of the poem. Another one is that when we’re around great people, we actually get to know about our reality. The scopes of improvement. Hope you got it!

      I loved discussing with you, thanks for coming up with your feelings. You’re a lovely blogger ❤


      1. Two entities must be comparable to be compared. …if you are proving one less or more . It defeats logic to compare hands to flowers , flowers fade in a day and are totally of ornamental value, hands are so much more valuable….Now your hand opened like flowers,
        These flowers do not fade
        These held me, when I was lost ….
        I definitely understand this.
        Poetry is to transform the actual if you are making magic, if you want to portray reality , color is not a point that makes sense as a symbol of beauty ……black or white……aren’t we getting racist ?
        Thank you for your compliments. I think you write awesome poetry….

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      2. I didn’t get the first half of what you said. I mean, when you’re comparing two entities in a specified sense, in the case of poetry, I think one should keep aside the other ways they differ. Like, you must be knowing, pretty faces are compared with moon in hindi ghazals and songs. So are we gonna say, that the comparison is baseless because the moon and human face are so different? And this wasn’t a comparison, after all.
        I myself not being a lover of external beauty, just found this as an example to reach the reader, nothing more or less. What you said must be sensible, but you know, I’m younger than you, so I might be insensible at some points. My apologies for that😊


  1. I have had beautiful conversations here , where my personal attributes were not discussed, as you rightly put it , you call your self an old owl , perhaps you are afraid of growing old ?! 🙂 ……Good night ….

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    1. Sorry I didn’t get you, I mean, have i failed to satisfy you? Are you disappointed? I never called myself an old owl, i still consider myself too young to satisfy you with my answers.


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