The owl turns 2 ‘2day’!


Even WordPress knows about the title of this blog! Did you read the line below, “Thanks for FLYING with us” You know, the owl of Minerva FLIES!


So, two years?


Two years of what? Blogging?


Then? Writing, I guess?

No. Two years of wisdom. Two years of reading. Two years of sharing. Two years of connecting. Two years of living a real life. Two years of getting inspired by great people. Two years of seeing life with a companion who flies high, and takes me too along with him, The Owl of Minerva. Today I look back and realize what actually blogging is!

I didn’t gain any reader, liker or follower in these beautiful days, rather some amazing people who ended up being great friends. Being quite young, I always got that love which was beyond fantasies. I got a place, where I wasn’t known by the face or voice of Apeksha Rai. I got a new identity, that of ‘The owl of Minerva’.

Dearest reader, thanks for connecting with me. Coz you make up my emotions!

Forget Apeksha, but remember the owl of Minerva. FOREVER.



Apeksha & The owl



24 thoughts on “The owl turns 2 ‘2day’!

  1. Happy Birthday! 🎂 ❤
    Two years, is a long time and in these two years you have definitely achieved so much through this blog. Anyways, may your blog keep on growing like this. May HE be on your side always and bless you. May you soon reach 1K, so that I can get a treat. 😉 😜
    But yeah, may you be successful! Have a wonderful day! 💕


  2. Wishing a very happy anniversary🎂🎂🎊🎊🎉🎉
    2 years is a long time 😍😍 Huh…
    May u keep on achieving more and more publicity and awards through this OWL OF MINERVA😁😁
    Praying for immense success of you and your blog❤❤
    Much love❤

    Liked by 1 person

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