The debts will be paid.

All the breaths I’ve breathed till date

so that I could survive,

And all those sparks which then ignited,

and kept my spark alive.

the roads I crossed,

the coins I tossed,

the gambles I made,

the cards I played,

Accompanied my success, altogether,

yet weren’t ever possessed,

And so this truth, being the worst for me,

was so often, not confessed.


Now, a man with guilt and the dead are same,

so with self I get this deal signed,

And these countless abundant resources used,

their records, within, I’ll get enshrined,

Amid the crowds,

Amid the shouts,

The steps will leap farther,

their echoes will be harder,

Before I myself burn and turn into ashes,

In return of sparks, fire will be left.

You’ll stand and see how I defeat my defeats,

In a moment, all the debts will be paid.

In a moment, countless debts will be paid!




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