A blog to die for!

Muskan Lamba

Hey guys! Let’s welcome a new blogger to the blogosphere- Muskan Lamba!!!

*Apeksha gives a special shout for Muskan* :*

Since friend has always been a dangerous word for me and I’ve never been a great one, so I couldn’t say that she’s my friend. Because like I always mention in my posts, I haven’t yet found anybody like me. But then, I want to thank her for calling me her ‘little sister’ and helping me name this newly developed, yet strong bond. Today, when she enters this world, I can bet that I’m the happiest one to have her as a fellow blogger.

Muskan Lamba is a sixteen year-old amazingly skilled artist, wonderful writer, and above all, a beautiful human. It has been only a few months since we’ve met each other and I don’t know about what I would have meant to her, but she has left her fingerprints on the painting of my life which I consider the art. I feel proud to welcome my ‘sister’ to the blogosphere. She’s going to serve her readers with her writing skills and I assure that she won’t fail to bring a ‘smile’ on their faces.

It’s impossible to love ‘The Owl of Minerva’ and ignore ‘Apricity all the wayl’, trust me it’s impossible. And even if it is, I won’t let you do that! Here’s the link to her blog:-

Click here to meet Muskan!

It isn’t her honor to be welcomed, instead it’s my honor to welcome her! How galvanizing it is to get a boom in the stats when you start blogging need not be explained to my readers. So please, read her blog, I’m sure you’ll end up falling in love with it. After all, you’ve given me so much love in these two years, then why won’t you love the person I love?



22 thoughts on “A blog to die for!

  1. Oh my, you have no idea how precious these words are to me. Thank you, Apeksha. I love you. You’re an amazing sister. If this blog turns out to be any good, I’ll owe it all to you. Looking forward to this new beginning. ❤

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    1. Muskan di, thanks for being the best person I could meet and giving me the emotions I was waiting for❤❤ I won’t take credit even if you give me🤗 I don’t know how often you call your friends ‘sisters’ but trust me, I’m not inhabited of listening this. Thanks for this beautiful feeling😘

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  2. If you love her, she must be as sweet as you and who can resist her? Bravo on this gesture of love. What you have done by introducing her is love in action. I am going straight to meet this new queen in the blogosphere. Thanks for helping us meet her. Maybe I never would have.


  3. Reblogged this on Apricity All The Way and commented:
    Thank you for all the kind words, little sister. You are one of the best and most talented people in my environment; a wonderful human being with all the personality traits a person can desire for. I am genuinely looking forward to this new beginning. Thank you for pushing me to recreate my blog. I’ll be forever grateful to you. ❤

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