Just one thing

After pushing your dreams

in the darkest of phases,

and snatching your faith

from the closest of people;

After affronting your emotions

with the bitterest of expressions,

and scribbling their names

in the worst of your memories-

they walk away; Thank God, they do!

Yet broken till inside, you stare out.


Just one thing they’ve given to you,

and that’s what shall really matter-

That self-sufficiency, that beauty of solitude,

That old dusty fact that you are enough.


Just that one good thing, over terrific hundreds,

Just that one mere drop, over whole eruption-

I wonder, how magically, it dominates.




20 thoughts on “Just one thing

    1. Ahahaha! This innocence was long awaited :’)
      With this piece, i was just trying to find some optimism in the betrayals we get from people. When we’re alone, we understand that we are enough.
      Thank you so much for showing interest in my work ^-^

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  1. Apeksha sorry now that i checked your blog i understood you were out of bloging.I am very happy you remembered me.How was your exams?twelth standard right?


  2. Attractive post!
    Your site is very charming and your thinking is very touching.
    Thanks for your good post and wait for your next one.


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