An advice to you

We’re both the pieces of the same sky,

We’re altering with every blink of eye,

And no wonders and no matter how far,

I’d have been there, where now you are.


The clouds whom you’ve given the liberty,

To determine your implications ‘nd your beauty,

Are fraudulent, and not to be relied on,

They come, they stay, and soon they’re gone.


The beholders, who right below you stand,

Are all the citizens of a brassy old land,

They believe in the finery of just an ornament,

Not the face, that in itself, is really magnificent.


Today you’re jocund in the best of your days,

A bit more you shift, and then you’ll trace-

That all skies that acquaint the unsteady clouds,

Are all the rulers of the joyous claps and shouts.


You’ll rise, you’ll fall, and so will their love,

But true love, before this, is much above,

And believe me, even in this immense fake crowd,

A couple of eyes will believe in your clout.


A couple of eyes, that’ll look at just you,

In you, and in your every dark twisty hue,

You’ll be theirs, in all days and nights,

They’ll be yours in all of your fights.


Clouds that are so loved, are created by you

You aren’t theirs, they all just belong to you

For you’re the one who’s really permanent,

For you, in yourself, is the splendid firmament.



21 thoughts on “An advice to you

  1. Wonderfully written like always lil wordsmith…so i hope exams are over and everything’s going well at lovely little girl’s end👯😊📝👌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh hello big wordsmith! Thanks for liking this, and yeah, they’re over. Everything’s great here, and I hope it’s all going good with you too! I’m so happy to have had you here after so long 🙂 Thanks again!

      Liked by 1 person

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