Who’s Apeksha?

AirBrush_20170812211006.jpgAn Aristotelian, yet a believer of Plato with a Socratic touch; A Hindu who believes in Allah and Biblical verses; A teen who thinks like grownups yet lives like a new born; A social girl who’s always around people but few knock the doorstep of her heart; A lively soul which can cry for any reason and befriends loneliness; A bibliophile who isn’t moved by novels; An egoistic lioness who can die for her loved ones; A confident speaker whose shivers go uncontrollable; A Junoesque who isn’t proud of her beauty; A girl they call ‘Apeksha’…

The world I live in is made of philosophy, the air i breathe in is nothing but music, the things I see are all poetical, what all I like is called literature, what i hold is the mike, what I own is the dais, what I believe in is called simplicity  and what i’m called is APEKSHA!

I’m a 14 year old simple school-going Indian Leo girl with ‘SMALL CHEST, BIG DREAMS’ who believes in complete simplicity. Far away from the glamorous world of young girls, I find my beauty in my thoughts and your beauty in your thoughts. The time today’s girls spend in ‘making’ them pretty in front of the mirror should rather be the time to make them bold enough that people think twice before questioning them. The height of your heels can’t be the height of your aspirations, the shades of your lipstick can’t show your vivid thoughts and the length of your skirt is not going to determine the length of your path. Believe in a low and simple lifestyle, believe in a high and complex mindset! I hope the word ‘complex’ isn’t confusing here!!!!! If you got this paragraph, you’ve known me quite well…

Some amazing person has taught me that you need to be mad, quite mad to dive into the world of oration (yeah, oration is another love of my life) Soaking his words, whether it’s about oration or anything else, I hope that I’ll express myself madly enough! Adjust yourself to see my madness!

My teachers, my parents, my schoolmates, all are my source of inspiration! I love writing, reading, singing and much more.Wait. How else can i describe myself? Well, you can message me anything you want as you reach the contact page, criticism is welcome and appreciation, of course, gladly welcome!!!!!!

Feel free to connect!

Promises to reply!

Happy reading!



170 thoughts on “Who’s Apeksha?

  1. Thanks so much for stopping by The Ruminant Scribe blog site. I am humbled that you spent time there and I am praying that what you saw was encouraging and, perhaps even, challenging to you. I am very impressed with your writing and your ability to express yourself — I would never have thought you were 14 years of age. Blessings to you, and thanks so much for following The Ruminant Scribe. I just noticed the picture to the left .. Yosemite was an incredibly beautiful place! Blessings.

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  2. A Bio like that is hard to find. And a person like you is hard to let go of!
    Thankyou so much to coming to my blog! Much Appreciated 🙂
    I’ll be hanging around here.
    (“Our Library collections match”)

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      1. Have already seen it. Just didn’t get time to get back to you😅
        I watched it and I genuinely loved the whole thing. You took up a very common stuff and presented it extraordinarily. Agreed to each and every statement of yours. God bless youu!!😘

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      2. Hello there,
        I hope you are sleeping cause it’s a Sunday. Except and accept if you’ve been up early today to work. Hahaha.
        My name on my birth certificate reads as Nishita. And I like to give myself selfmade nicknames. The latest being presenlymine .
        My birthday is on first of October, and I’ll be turning 19 this year. ♥

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      3. Ykw? My blog’s b’day is on 1st October too! You won’t believe that the moment I saw that video of yours, I knew you were a Libran. I thought of asking, but found it weird! But now that I know I’m happy I guessed your sun sign correctly! So obviously I’ll remember your special day because of my blog.
        I do not sleep much though. Hahaha XD

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      4. Godness, after reading yoour comment, I crept back googled the qualities of a libran and laughed to myself, ooh I am a true libran, a pure one (“My belief now”). Well, how were you able to guess my zodiac?
        *Claps, for your skills*
        And, it’s a great thing that my birth-date coincides with the birth-date of your blog! 🙂 We’ll go longer ❤
        And, thankyou for letting me know of my inherent qualities. Helped me raise my good emotions. Entrance tomorrow!
        P.S. I sleep alot, when I have nothing to do, it's because I LOVE TO DREAM! ❤
        Forgot, about the day, cause for me it's a sunday any day 🙂

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      5. Yes I know!! I fall into that category of people who have little knowledge of almost every subject but have mastery over none! Haha XD
        Librans are beautiful, and so are you ❤
        Yay definitely, 1st october is a day of wisdom! 😉

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    1. Hey ‘Awesomenger’, thanks for all the love😊
      I’m glad that you came here and liked my works💟 And yay I’m already following your site!
      You too have an awesome day, and yeah, stay connected!!

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  3. hi apeksha!
    its me vanshika from bal bhavan… if you remember i had my roll. number very next to you in 2nd grade…
    ’twas good to see your works here and honestly i love them all… congrats for your book love!! and all the best for your upcoming masterpeices… your writings give me a strange and indescribable satisfaction…. you are slayinng it girl… lots of love and wishes… ❤

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      Vanshika, no need for introduction bub, I took no time in recalling that sparkling face the moment I read your name!! Thanks for all the beautiful words, they mean so much to me💗
      How’ve you been? Would love to connect 😄
      Thanks again!


      1. I’ve been fine but i miss you so much even now girl.. i would love to connect to you too.. btw i miss your performances Ms. All rounder ❤ wanna meet you soon…


  4. Hey Apeksha, What a brave and strong choice you have made. I’ve just found your blog today, great design. I like the honesty which comes through here. I’m following you for more. Keep up the good work. Happy reading, happy sharing!

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  5. What an amazing introduction for a 14 year old blogger. By far I think you are the youngest most assertive and strong blogger I have come across. Beautiful blog girl, keep it up. Look forward to more of your works. Have lots of fun and stay good.

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