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Welcome to ‘The Owl of Minerva’

New here? Read this page to know about the blog and the blogger…


Story behind the title

What is the ‘hiSTORY’ behind the owl of Minerva?



Who’s Apeksha?

Know the author of ‘The Owl of Minerva’…



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 There you freeze

Partially known people are the most interesting ones, because more of them, we interpret…





Those times didn’t go… (Limerick #4)

I know I’m not an eighty-year old lying on a deathbed and waiting for breathes to diminish. But still, even I feel the scarcity of those time…






The owl turns 2 ‘2day’!

Come, join the celebreations!!!!





An end to the radiance

Beauty of a thing leaves when beauty of the other comes…





The Dunes Of Success

The dunes of success never last forever, until one learns to stop stepping over it…






Amid false smiles

Can’t I someday try to conceal these twinges, these flaws, from the self?



Everything flows (Epigram #5)

Everything flows. No man ever steps into the same river twice for he’s not the same river, and he’s not the same man. -Heraclitus



In love with intruders

The love for your passion is the most passionate love…




Liebster Award (Umm…Not actually!)

Long time ago…






Kernels of life

For all the great people I’ve met till yet…



The real day

The two phases of day which resemble, yet they’re so different…





Larks of novelty

When you’ll try to be different from the crowd, the crowd will prove you a lunatic patient…







You’re alive!

If you’re still a newbie in this same old world, only then you know, you’re alive!







Words weigh too for when they’re expressed the person feels light…




The light of your soul…

A poem dedicated to all the wise souls who have always inspired me. The sun’s light may dwindle someday but yours won’t, I know. HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY




This is all a city is about (Limerick #3)

In the cacophony of the cities, we’ve forgotten to look into us…



I’ve walked aside a wall

All paintings I’ve seen have had my fingerprints. Some swallowed it and some called it the art.



Blogger Recognition Award

Whoa! Another award! 🙂




Wanderer, love me not! (For my brother)

Happy Raksha Bandhan to the coolest brother!




The world shall end this way

Passion is what brings life to the world…





The Black cat, blue sea award!!

The weird title, the great award!




Deceit from an escapee

Every stroke of air enters my body so often, as if in a polar region. But I forget that I’m a desert who should know to value every stroke that increases my age…




The fire within… (Epigram #3)

The fire within can’t be extinguished, for we’ll never stop lying to ourselves, we’ll never accept our real image.



Birthday special post!!

Happy b’day to me!




On the walls of heart

The walls of heart are imprinted with thousands of words, some die out and some stay forever…




Thief! (Limerick #2)

The world is full of thieves. Except our arrogance, nothing actually belongs to us…



“Athens is like a sluggish horse, and I’m the gadfly, trying to sting it into life”- Socrates


3 Day quote challenge (DAY 3: MOVIES)

Last day!


3 Day quote challenge (DAY 2: FRIENDS)

Second day was damn good!


3 Day quote challenge (DAY 1: LET IT GO!)

I just love taking part in this challenge, do read these amazing quotes…



 Guest interview: A thrilling and edifying chat with 

Earlier Mr. Ngobesing Suh Romanus interviewed me (as I shared it with my readers in one of my previous posts), and now I feel proud as I present to you the interview of Mr. Ashok Kr. Pandey, the honorable principal of my school, Ahlcon International…



Faint us, or dead memories?

When our memories die, some of our traces also die…


A poet (Epigram #2)

A four liner epigram on the perceptions of a poet, what he sees, thinks and feels…


Black and white (Epigram)

Why do we always think of extremes?Why is it that all fair things are white for us, and dark things always black? Seeking the answers, here’s an epigram on that.




Guest interview: The youngest guest on Success Inspirer’s World. Is she faster than her age? Listen to her.

I’m thankful to Mr. Ngobesing Suh Rumanus for taking my interview and publishing on his site!


 The half-yellow leaf (Terza Rima)

Quite similar to my last post (The twenty-fifth hour), this poem has unravelled the beauty of the phase that scares the most, of course, death!


The twenty-fifth hour (A sonnet on mayflies)

Feared of death? Read this sonnet to read about the shortest living creature on the earth, who lives for a day, for twenty four hours. Think if it gets another hour, the twenty fifth hour…


Being selfless

Presenting to my readers, my first limerick!  


The Heart Of A Vagabond

The wonders of nature through the eyes of a vagabond!




A poem dedicated to my mother (Mother’s day special)…



Our past mistakes should never bar our way, right? This is probably the most inspiring one…


The serene marine life

Take a dive into another world of picturesque beauties!




Is democracy really what we think of? 



The peshawar attack had brought tears over the globe, the way hundreds of children were brutally killed…


Those Bubbly Bubbles

I always see those bubbly bubbles with a different pair of eyes…


The Deeps of Mind

How poetry happens…




The experiences I face as an adolescent…


Message to the Moon

My on the spot poetry writing competition at school, an yeah! I won 🙂