Welcome to the Owl of Minerva!!

“The Owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk”-Hegel. I say, what’s so catastrophic about that?

The Hegelian perspective says that philosophy can grasp the truth of a culture, however, only when the culture has matured enough so that what the absolute has revealed to it has finally become clear. But by this time, says Hegel, it is too late for the society to change. Hegel makes this point in these lines in which he refers to the owl which was a symbol of Minerva, the Roman Goddess of wisdom. And the dusk, in this context defines lateness.

On the contrary, the Apekshatic perspective, that of a romantic nature states that if Minerva is the Goddess of wisdom, then she’s also the deity of arts and poetry. Similarly, the dusk defines lateness as well as beauty. These lines say that arts and poetry take flight when beauty is provided to them. Why’s it that all negativity comes to us before positivity?

It’s all about how you see.