You, me and the cup

Behold my placid edginess,

I come to the verge of falling out

On my way on the tray till you.

Not that the tray trembles,

Not that the cup is in motion,

It’s me who’s cribbing over the distance

Attempting to outrun the cup;

I wish but I don’t if I could halt my fluidity.

Drops of my existence stain the cup,

And in a guilty glee, I ease myself

As though my bounce goaled!

The distance of miles are lost in a reverie,

And I meet you not to serve you,

But to remain a memorable contentment.

Your courteous action to meet me,

or my life to ease you-

Who knows who graces whom?

And let’s not crumble the genesis of love,

Analyzing every intent and content

In the name of conscious conscience.

Interrogating my investment into you,

I reach into you, dignifying myself,

Adding a meaning to my life.

Technical facts deny the permanence,

But I’m in you, I’m where I intended to be

And the purpose shall immortalize me.

The story lies in the aftermath,

In the amplification of the nagging voice,

I threw, I dumped in the back of my mind.

Now that the cup is empty,

Now that I’m no more longed,

Were you even thirsty, I ask myself.

Or was it just in the pleasure of holding the cup,

And any drink could suffice your purpose?

Not just my aroma, not just my taste

Yes, I wanted you to fall for the cup

Which connects us, but not that all alone.

The same cup, again, will kiss your lips,

A new drink will enter you,

And I’d lie inside I think, wondering,

If the stain I left on the cup could survive,

Just to remind you of me,

Of the fact that there was no space for grace,

In the sips you took, in the waves I took;

Ecstasy prevailed, in the momentary love.


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