1k followers & call for polls

Greetings to all the TOOMies and newbies!

Firstly, here’s thanking you for the love you guys have given me in these years. It’s nothing else but your support that makes blogging so much fun that imagining life without the blogosphere frightens me so hard. Though I generally do not post the updates regarding my blogging success here, but getting 1k+ followers is something that makes me really happy! Thank you!

Coming to the core of this post, I’ve got a few philosophical and controversial topics buzzing in my head from the time I’ve started reading Tagore’s Gora (A really amazing classic, I strongly recommend to all the readers). So since my blog has got a really diverse readership, I think this is the best place where I can analyse the different dimensions of this sort of stuff. This would help me a lot. I’ll be starting with polls and discussions very soon, so if interested, please stay tuned with TOOM.

One thing I want to say-


Thank you! (1k times, to be exact!)

Happy reading! Happy writing! Happy Blogging!



17 thoughts on “1k followers & call for polls

  1. Way too late though. But yay look Apeksha just rocked it . Hehe . Congratulations Appuuuu. ❤ 1k is nothing for your talent , you deserve more and you will get it . Just hope for the best . Keep doing the good work . All the best darling . 💕

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