The Deeps of Mind

The deeps of mind are fraught

With easy thinking and teasy blinking.

A bridge between vision and mission,

Owing to these eyes capturing everything


As the eyeballs change their place,

Thousand things give flight to imagination.

And the awakened thoughts clutch the pen,

Giving a new home to words of fascination.


The brain waves are raised up

From the ocean of every emotion.

And the thoughts ripen into words,

From the core of complete devotion.


The capricious mind is never satisfied

The moment pen touches the paper.

New thought it has caught,

Let the previous words vapor!


This is how poetry happens,

This is how the thought train proceeds.

Oiling its wheels for a smoother way.

It all begins with thoughts; to grow trees is to sow seeds.


7 thoughts on “The Deeps of Mind

  1. Apeksha, this one is fabulous.
    Let the imagination and the thoughts grow more and more in “The Deeps of your mind” 😛 and may you succeed like this only…….. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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