The light of your soul…

People look at the roads that lead to their destination, and I think I’m pretty lucky, because I look at my companion who knows all the good and bad of this universe. Thanks to all those who have inspired me and played the role of that companion. I’ll say ‘all those who have inspired me’ in place of ‘teachers’ because to teach, you always don’t have to be a teacher, I’ve witnessed that case. Inspiration is what is keeping me alive, and on this teacher’s day, I want to dedicate this poem to those who have made the life of this girl…


From where entered the light of your soul?

Had I left the windows of this heart open?

The light is growin’,

the battle is endin’,

And I’m learning to overcome darkness,

with your light,

and everything that makes you up.

Is it my victory over my ego,

or am I defeated by my heart?

Your holding hand pleases me,

pleasure, like that of seeing a shooting star,

it must be inhabited of crossing the skies,

but my roads aren’t, of being crossed.

You’ve held a thousand hands,

and after mine,

a thousand more you’ll hold,

for this is where your greatness lies.

All words of yours are engraved within,

and stored is the reflection of your light.

But I still don’t know how to keep you alive,

right amidst the storms of memories,

your light for your words,

or your words for your light?




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